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Reducing the spread of Covid-19

Updated: May 18

The Hand-Washing/Sanitizing Station

Hand-washing should be a routine. This is key especially with the outbreak of Covid-19 in Kenya and the world.

Recommendation from the WHO

  1. Wash your hands frequently.

  2. Maintain social distancing.

  3. Avoid touching your face, practise respiratory hygiene.

We built the hand-washing station to reduce the spread of the virus at areas with high traffic. Our station is unique and has the following features:


  • Double sided- Can accommodate more users at the same time, reducing queuing at your place of business.

  • No contact- Users do not touch anything with their hands, reducing risk.

  • Is an advertising tool- Promote your business at one of the most trafficked point of your establishment.

  • Maintain a clean environment by having users dispose off their waste safely


The station is built to last. that is why quality is key. We offer the best quality the market has to offer. Our products are built to last. What next after Covid-19? We will still maintain our new found ‘habit’ of washing our hands, constantly. We make it possible for you to use the product long after the pandemic


We ensure you get the best value for money in that we use the best quality materials the market has to offer. This is what makes our Solution different.


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